Titan Ceramic Detailing | Wash, Clay and Dry, Detail and Ceramic Pro Coat | The Process

A recent shoot for Titan Ceramic Detailing, who specialise in vehicle detailing and the application of Ceramic Pro coating. I shot their whole process from start to finish and below are a select few photos depicting the process.

Head to the Automotive gallery for a series of photographs of the completed car.

K'Ho Coffee - Dalat, Vietnam

Just outside of Dalat, Vietnam we visited the coffee farm/roasters K’Ho Coffee. This is a coffee farm that has been within the same family for many generations and works closely with the community to produce a variety of organic arabica beans.

When visiting we were shown around the farm and told about the different plants that grow the variety of fruit, we were even able to taste the cherries! Once we had finished the tour of the farm, Josh explained the different processing methods and how they are then dried the beans.

We were then given three samples from the different processing methods and were shown how to hand mill them to remove the outer layer of the bean. Finally, in the afternoon we were taught how to manually roast the beans and the process to achieve this.

Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage

Sunday 6th January, the first Sunday Scramble of the year at the Bicester Heritage centre. This was the first time I’ve ever been to the Bicester Heritage Centre, it was great being able to see such a vast variety of cars in one place. Along with a few workshops being open to explore, it was a great way to spend the first Sunday of the year!

I hope you enjoy my photos below!

La Belle Assiette with Chef Petros Mais, hosted by HerFavFood


Towards the end of 2018 I shot a dinner party organised by La Belle Assiette. This was hosted by www.herfavfood.com and Petros Mais was the private chef for the evening, Petros created and served a four course meal.

To start, Petros made Goat cheese curd with chorizo and an English muffin.


Followed by chicken fillet for the main, with a burnt mushroom puree and caramelised shallots in a red wine jus.

For desert Petros crafted lemon curd, vanilla crumble with meringue and raspberry coulis.

To finish Petros brought a surprise dish of chocolates, strawberries and a liqueur from his home country of Greece.


Iced Coffee

EmptyName 2.jpg

After being quite absent from my blog recently I am going to start posting once a week, whether these involve shoots, exhibitions I visit etc...

This set of photos are from a recipe learning how to make iced coffee, it was all very simple. I used my V60 coffee dripper over a glass jug, that's usually used with a cafetiere, some scales and my Casio watch to time everything. The process then follows the usual technique that you can find online and adjust to what suits you.

  • Fold paper filter on dotted line and place on dripper,

  • Rinse the filter with boiling water to heat and remove paper smell,

  • Dispose of excess water,

  • Place ice into the glass jug,

  • Measure 15 grams of coffee (per cup),

  • Shake it to make the coffee level,

  • Following this I pour 50 grams of hot water in a circle motion over the coffee then start the timer,

  • 30 seconds later I pour 150 grams of water,

  • 30 seconds later 50 grams of water,

  • 30 seconds later another 50 grams of water.


North x North West Photo Exhibition




Last week running from 2nd until the 7th July I was lucky to be apart of a graduate exhibition at the Brunswick in Leeds. This was an exhibition consisting of nine graduate students from Manchester, Leeds and Huddersfield University.


I had two of my framed images from my project, to coincide, accompanied by the photo book. I self-published a run of five copies of this book printed on G.F.Smith paper, with three still available at £20 if anyone is interested.

I also have framed and unframed prints for sale. Please see the photos attached for an example. The frames are black with a non reflective glass and the prints are on Hahnemühle Pearl fine art paper.


Palm Studios Exhibition + Unveil'd Photo Books

Today me and Anya Dunlop (www.anyadunlop.com) visited London as we are both back at home in Milton Keynes for a few days. First we visited the House of Vans to check out the Palm Studios exhibition.

There were 100 images on show from an open call of no theme. It was interesting seeing all of the images sit together noticing an aesthetic that flowed throughout.

Afterwards we made it over to Borough Road Gallery for the last few artist talks for the Unveil’d photo book awards. This was an engaging experience, it was fascinating hearing about the different shortlisted artist books whilst also being able to have a flick through all of the other photo books on show… we just needed more time.

to coincide - Final Book

After a final trip to Entwistle to collect the flat prints for my book I just had to crease, bind and cut the final two copies. I chose to use cream thread and to saddle stitch them.

Overall I am really happy with the quality of the images, this is definitely a notable step up from using the digital press at university. The paper is great to feel and the white eggshell on this insides gives the work a slight warmth.

The only slight issue is that on some of the images, the greens are slightly darker then I'd of liked, however because we weren't given printer profiles this was never going to be 100% perfect.

Take a scroll through the pages below.

British X Italian // Fashion Collaboration Video

These are the four videos that I have created as part of a collaboration with the fashion student, Kendra Furey, from university.

The brief was to create three 15 second videos for use on social media and a final 1 minute video.

Entwistle - Book Printing

After an unsuccessful trip to Hobsrepro on Deansgate in Manchester, one of our lecturers, Richard H, suggested that we visit Entwistle as he had previously worked with them on printing for his company Tide Press.

Richard was really helpful in contacting a lady at Entwistle to find out more information and booking a meeting for us to visit. 

Once we arrived it was a relaxed process of running through the packaged indesign files to ensure they were set up how they'd like. We then made notes on who was printing on what paper and then costs which were very reasonable. Everyone there was really welcoming and more then happy to help with everything!

We are heading back next Thursday to pick up the final books, I am currently having two copies made.

The Print Space Prints

After finally deciding what photos to exhibit at our graduate exhibition, I resized and adjusted the colour profiles to match the paper profiles for Print Space. My final decision was for three prints on the Hahnemühle Pearl paper at 420x420mm, I felt this paper was best for my images and the test print showed me this.

The order arrived this morning and I dropped it off to Manchester Custom Framing, the frames should be ready to collect next Wednesday or Thursday!

Frames Ordered

After visiting Manchester Custom Framing to look over the options of wood and colours I have now placed an order.

The main reason for visiting their studio was to take a print with me and check the wood against it. After doing so, I have decided to go for a black frame in a wood grain finish with a soft white mount.

Photo Book - Paper Choices

Now I have figured out the scale of my photo book, I have been running through the decisions on where to have my photo book printed and on what paper stock.

After numerous times looking through the gfsmith book, I eventually settled on the Mohawk Superfine White Eggshell paper at 148gsm for my inside pages. I decided on this because of the off white, slightly warmer tone and the texture of the paper. 

A few of us ordered sheets directly from www.gfsmith.com but due to a minimum order quantity of 50 sheets we didn't order covers from them. With limitations on this I ended up buying an A1 sheet of gfsmith colourplan in real grey, this has a nice texture and is a great concrete colour, it is 270gsm. I have also decided to use an end page to help give a break and this is new blue from the colourplan section at 135gsm.


GoFundme Update

Just a quick update with the progress of my GoFundMe campaign.

I am really grateful for my various friends, family and a few followers from Instagram that have supported and donated towards my GoFundMe.

I have been sending prints out throughout the week. These have gone around the UK but also to Canada and Germany!


5 x 5 inch Test Prints - The Print Space

Print Tests Print Space-4.jpg

I have received the two test prints from The Print Space. I am most happy with the Hahnemühle Pearl, this paper holds the detail within the shadow best. However, there is a slight reflection to the paper but if I do choose to print on this the print will be behind non reflective glass and the light source will be controlled so this shouldn't be an issue.

I quite like the texture of the Hahnemühle Bamboo however, the blacks/shadows are a bit flatter and the paper is more matt. Unfortunately this isn't what I want from these prints for this project, although it could be something I use in the future for another project.

Please see the images below, I used a daylight balanced light to check the white/colour balance of the printed images. By using the print profiles supplied by Print Space I was able to achieve the best colour possible from my images. With the images on this page the white balance wasn't set as they were taken on my phone, so the images will vary/appear differently throughout.

Final Class Pin Up

Our last scheduled class and our last pin up session. I used this to test the scale at what I think I am going to print at for the graduate exhibition.

The scale I have printed at is 420x420mm. Originally I was sure on having four prints however, now I have seen the scale of this one and created a mock up of the space in photoshop I think I am going to go with three prints. This means the space will be less crowded and it will save me some money that I can put into the production of my photo book. 

Regarding scale and amount, I spoke to one of my lecturers Liam Devlin, Liam spoke about being able to tell a story in three images in key and we discussed the space that we have available. I know I definitely wouldn't want to print any smaller then 420x420mm and with four prints I feel the space could be too crowded.

Below is the scale mock up in photoshop for the 8x8ft exhibition space. These are not finalised prints I will be exhibiting, that is still to be decided. The prints would be 420x420mm, the mount at 30mm and frames roughly 30mm. 

Website Review - Tim Brown

I was lucky to receive a website review from Tim Brown, a PHD student at university. Tim looked through my website giving me feedback on everything from the strongest images in my commercial portfolio to the usability of the website.

This also gave Tim a chance to see where I am up to on my Final Major Project, to coincide, and how this has developed from when he previously saw it. Tim looked through my commercial work advising me what images worked best and what to think about removing. Along with this was the ease of seeing different sections, he felt there were too many options before actually viewing the different galleries. This has been simplified by removing the 'photos' tab and having the option of either personal or commercial work at the top of the page.

I questioned Tim on Instagram and SEO, he also gave me advise on galleries and competitions to keep an eye out for! 

Tim's website is www.fotografo.uk - take a look at his work!

Manchester Custom Framing @ Islington Mill Salford

I have been searching online where to purchase frames from for the graduate exhibition. While visiting Textbook Studios for a meeting, we walked through a framing studio so I checked with them who the framing company is and had a google researching previous frames they have made and what they do. The company is called www.manchestercustomframing.co.uk and I have been in conversation over email enquiring about wood, sizing and prices. 

Now that I am sure on the scale and amount of prints I will be exhibiting I just need to confirm whether I want a black wood grain frame or if a lighter oak frame will work better. I am hoping to visit the studios to check a print against the wood to help make up my mind. However, here are a few examples of the different options I have found online - https://www.flickr.com/photos/137365746@N07/

Hard Cover and Book Printing

Now that I am at the end of the narrative, sequence and edit process I have been spending more time on the scale of my book and looking into options of where my book should be printed.

The first option is at university on the digital press, this would be the best option regards to cost and convenience however not for quality of the images. Another factor is paper stock, the choices are limited in the print bureau however, over the next week they are being updated but this will possibly too late.

I have been advised on a few other options and I am going to try www.hobsrepro.com they are based both in Manchester and Leeds so I will call up on Monday to find out if it is possible to just drop in and discuss printing, paper stocks and process time with them.

For the binding and cover of the book I am looking into www.spinkandthackray.com they are based in Leeds. I have sent over an email, to find out a bit more information, as they are closed over the weekend. I will call on Monday next week to find out more information regarding costs and what is possible with the cover. Below is an example of the colours I am interested in for the cover.

to coincide - Dummy Book Review With Yan Preston

This Friday was my last official teaching day and my last opportunity of the year to officially book in for tutorials. In the morning we had a class pin up session to see how everyone's projects have developed and for the lecturers to clear any last questions up. Yan and Richard M discussed artist statements and made some great key points on what should be included about the work for it to interest a wider audience whilst being personal.

After the morning session we booked in for 1-1 tutorials. I took the opportunity to book in with a newish lecturer Yan as I previously have been in different groups to which she reviewed. As this was the first time Yan had seen my work I was nervous but excited to hear her comments as I am so close to the deadlines.  

Yan spent time discussing print options, artist statements and exhibition prints. It was great to hear so many different and fresh ideas for my work, first of all we decided that my book will work best with a hard back cover as it will give the physical book structure allowing it to be solid. We discussed text throughout the book as well, I told Yan about a suggestion to include my artist statement running throughout the book to guide the viewer however, she made some great points about the images holding their own and allowing the edit to tell a story that guides you through my own mediative process. This allows the images to be like a poem, this settled the idea to leave any text running throughout the book.

After discussing the book Yan gave me some feedback on my artist statement. She advised me what doesn't need to be there due to repetition but also what can be added so it isn't so personal and will appeal to a wider audience.

Photo Book Size


Currently I am working out the scale of my photo book, previously I have been printing at a5 as I like the physical size of the book but do not like the images being so small and not being able to see the detail within them.

After a tutorial with Alex Beldea he also suggested that I should try a bigger size to be able to see this detail. Alex mentioned Joel Sternfeld's book On This Site, Sternfeld's book is hardback in a landscape format and is slightly bigger then A4. Due to the size, it allows the viewer to see greater detail within the images.

Following this tutorial I went and printed my book at a4 which was great for the size of the images but I just wasn't keen on the physical size of the book. At first I thought about trying b5 which is a size in-between a4 and a5 but it is closer to a5.

Due to this I just decided to trim down the a4 book to a bespoke size that will still let me have larger images but physically be smaller to hold. Eventually I reached a height of 260mm and width of 180mm. 

I have created an indesign file which is a4 but has print/cut guides for the new size. I am going to test print this size and once I am 100% sure I will go ahead in testing paper types.

Pupil Sphere - Graduate Exhibition

As we are getting closer to the graduate exhibition I have been speaking to Dan Ainsworth from Pupil Sphere about working together to help promote the graduate exhibition.

We are going to feature the Pupil Sphere logo on the end page of the catalogue, in return I have shared the catalogue images with the them and they are going to choose five photos to promote the exhibition over social media alongside a listings page on their website.

Check them out here if you haven't before - www.pupilsphere.com

5x5 Inch Test Prints Ordered @ ThePrintSpace

I have decided to order two 5x5inch test prints on the Hahnemühle Pearl and Bamboo. I have chosen the photo to the right to test these two different papers with as it has details in the shadow but also the highlights so I will be able to see how it holds this detail and colour.

When ordering prints from the print space, they allow you to download paper profiles that you profile your images for. This is done by just downloading the profiles, dropping them into the correct folder on your mac. Then using either lightroom or photoshop, to change the proof setup for the profile, then adjust the image on a calibrated screen to ensure you bring through the correct colour balance and exposure. Finally you convert the image to the correct profile.

I will give an update once I have received these prints in the post.